Fat Loss Supplements: Deal or No Deal

The weight loss supplement industry is huge and only growing as more people around the globe look for a little help in shedding their unwanted pounds. Its also an industry that’s rife with fraud and false advertising, and in fact a good percentage of the products that are out there don’t even work. Worse yet are the supplements that are effective but can permanently damage your health.

Fat blockers that their makers claim will actually keep fat that you eat from being digested simply cant work. Now its a nice thought and sometimes the ads will even show a picture of a sponge soaking up fat, and say that this is whats happening in your stomach. The truth of the matter though, is that your stomach produces and uses hydrochloric acid to digest your food, and it will eat right through steel.

Then harsh synthetic stimulants have been around for decades, and in their early years back in the 1940s and 50s some of the stronger of them like amphetamines were hailed as miracle diet drugs. After a while though side effects like extreme addiction, premature aging, and skin wrinkling began to turn people off them. Now you can still get them if you can find a doctor reckless enough to prescribe them.

Then there are the weight loss supplements that are really for the most part just a multivitamin pill. Of course they’ll also contain some types of magical ingredients like extract of avocado and mango, but if you read the ingredients list carefully you’ll see that the rest is just vitamins. Of course these supplements also come with a diet plan that you’re supposed to stick to, and that is where the weight loss comes from.

Other appetite suppressants that claim to not only help stop the brain from food cravings, but also increase the body’s metabolism to help you burn more fat in your day to day activities, have also been very popular over the last 20 years.

Products such as phentabz, garcinia cambogia (made famous by Dr Oz) and raspberry ketones have experienced world wide popularity and sold millions of products in a short time. Each of these varying products tend to have ‘followers’ and others that claim it did absolutely nothing in their quest to lose weight.

Now the grapefruit diet has been around for a few decades, and now you can even buy it in pill form.Like other super fast diet’s like the cabbage soup diet, the grape fruit diet concentrates itself on a 12 day turnaround. To put it simply, you are required to drink your grapejuice daily and whilst there an many different versions of this diet, most of them require you to stick to around 1000 calories a day for it to be effective.

The outcome at the end of those 12 days, is typically anything between 8-12 pounds of weight loss. It also has been used for many years as a kick start program into a more intense diet program. Whilst high in vitamin C, it certainly is not one form of weight loss that you should consider for the longer term.

Citric acid pills that are supposed to somehow melt away fat from your body or in your stomach that you ate. The whole concept is ridiculous! That you can somehow eat any type of acid and have it burn off fat cells. By the way, your stomach already contains plenty of much more powerful hydrochloric acid.

Through it all, experts on the subject of weight loss are all in unanimous agreement that the best way to lose weight is by way of a sensible calorie restriction plan. Or, if you do chose to use a weight loss supplement, to use something natural with a mild organic stimulant like caffeine. The best of them also contain antioxidants to help your entire system function optimally, so it can burn more calories.