Pediatrics & Adolescents

It takes a special touch to care for the medical needs of children. Specialists in the changing needs at each stage of your child's life, we provide a full range of services from birth through the age of eighteen.


Primary Care

  • Routine physicals and immunizations
  • Treatment of childhood illnesses and infections: allergies; asthma; colds; flu; respiratory infections;tonsils; adenoids; headaches; muscular and abdominal pains; urinary infections; infectious diseases; etc.
  • Nutritional and health counseling
  • Adolescent health issues counseling

Our Specialized Care

Our approach is geared toward the total family care.  As partners in your child's welfare, we offer a number of specialized services to help both you and your child through each phase of life.

  • well baby careWell baby care: Our goal is to provide a foundation of optimum health in your baby. In addition to caring for the routine medical needs and development check-ups, we provide information on diet and nutrition, infant care, and development traits and behaviors.
  • Pre-school and childhood care: We specialize in medical care for the routine and prevention needs, as well as illnesses and infections associated with childhood.  We also offer our medical expertise and counseling in toilet training, bedwetting, emotional and behavioral problems, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, nutritional needs, and parenting.
  • Adolescent care: Adolescence results in many changes in your maturing child - physically, developmentally, and emotionally.  Sensitive to your teen's changing needs, we offer medical services specific to the adolescent: routine and sports physicals; treatment of illnesses; nutritional counseling; and information on sex education.

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