Generally, grandparents may be liable to pay child support or care for their grandchild if: The parents are minors. The parents can prove they are unable to support the children. The grandparents have custody of the child in and are in fact parenting the child. One parent cannot be found but their parents – the grandparents – can be.

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GALION – To Sue … child, so a grandparent steps in to help, she said. Johnson said the meetings at her business are open to anyone who’s looking for parenting help; she chose to focus on …

North Bay grandparents being sued for child support Social Sharing A North Bay couple will be in court Friday arguing why they shouldn’t pay child support for their granddaughter.

Typically, the responsibility to pay child support falls on the parents of the child, not the parents’ parents. After all, the grandparents didn’t decide to have a grandchild. However, there are some exceptions where grandparents can and may be ordered to take up the slack and pay (grand)child support.

If a father does not pay child support, one can by law can sue his parents. But on the other hand, the grandparents are not guaranteed visitation access to see the grandchildren." "This is the 21st …

9 supreme court rulings every parent needs to know Can a grandparent sue for child support My daughter & son … They both work and make good money, but are irresponsible parents. His father told him to tell me to file for legal guardianship as he wasn’t going to be responsible for him any more. He has 1 more year of high school and plans to go to college.

If you are good grandparents, you do not have to sue to see your grandkids." She estimated that she spent $15,000 in legal fees — in addition to the $300 a month she had to pay the grandparents in …

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Can Grandparents Sue For Child Support

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