“It’s been so well received and we want to give everyone the chance to come,” said program organizer, Marjorie Hilkert. The …

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Before long, John stopped begging to go home and his wife stopped dreading her daily visits. caring for someone with dementia is hard, hard work — whether he/she is living in a facility or living at home — whether you are providing all the care, have help from family and friends or use the services of an agency such as Advantage Home Care.

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It’s not a cheerful thought, but if you are planning home improvements you may want to consider dementia-proofing … One in three people born today will go on to develop dementia, and sufferers …

An advanced cancer patient with complex dementia who was being treated … 27 miles away from his home. The move means his …

Sometimes saying “I want to go home” is how your senior tells you they’re tense, anxious, scared, or in need of extra comfort. Another way of giving extra comfort and reassurance is to give them a comforting blanket, therapy doll, or stuffed animal to cuddle. 2. Avoid reasoning and explanations Don’t try to explain that they’re in their own home, assisted living is now their home, or they moved in with you 3 years ago.

“I didn’t want her to get a CNA … to think about safety and dementia and looking at life through their loved one’s eyes. “More and more of us are not only caregivers for work, we do it at work and …

How to respond when someone with dementia constantly asks to go home. What It Means When a Person With Dementia Says: ‘I Want to Go Home’ ‘Home’ can refer to a place, time or even person.

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Why Alzheimer’s Patients Often Want to Go "Home" Often, asking to go home relates to feelings of insecurity, anxiety, or depression . Since Alzheimer’s disease initially affects short-term memory , it may be that "home" reflects long-term memories of times and places that were secure and calming.

Why Someone with Alzheimer’s Says I Want to Go Home Seniors with Alzheimer’s often ask to “go home” Does your older adult with Alzheimer’s or dementia tell you repeatedly that they want to go home?

Dementia Wanting To Go Home

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