The user clicked on links to websites that contained articles entitled: “The five stages of decomposition” and “How the human …

Human Decomposition. The second stage of decomposition is putrefaction, in which the body begins to show more obvious signs of decay, including changes in color and odor, and significant bloating. chemical processes produce gases which cause facial swelling, as well as gases which fill the abdomen and force fecal matter out of the body.

There was also another cache file for human corpse post-mortem and the stages of decomposition, with information on how …

The Stages of the human decomposition process. There are five decomposition stages. Many factors influence how quickly the decomposition stages progress, such as temperature, moisture and whether the body is exposed or buried. Decomposition is faster at high temperatures, if the body has traumatic injuries, or if the remains are exposed.

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… search on that computer for "human body decomposition timeline" and later another search for "rate of human decomposition …

Fucking Gross… The Stages of human decomposition. algor mortis is when the body begins to cool. Within the first hour, the body will lose two degrees in temperature. Then, every hour afterward, it will lose one more degree of temperature until it is the temperature of the environment it is in.

The fascinating process of human decomposition The 5 Stages of Human Decomposition. The third stage – the state of ‘active decay’ Active decay or black putrefaction is the third stage of the human decomposition and this will be the stage in which most of the body mass will be lost mainly due to the activity of the maggots and other insects.

Human Body Decomposition Stages

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